About Lulu Yasmine



What is your background? 

          All the countries I have been to, and all the people I have met define me, and made who I am today.
I have very eclectic roots: I am Franco Brazilian, with origins from Hong Kong and Portugal. I have also lived in Bologna, Italy, for six years where I worked as a model while studying theatre costume design. I also spend three years in Vienna, Austria, where I learnt contemporary arts. I am a passionate traveler, and I like to move often to explore new cultures.

          When I went to India, I could spend the whole day in markets touching fabrics, wrapping them around my body in order to visualize what I could actually make with them! I have also been in touch with the Tattoo world for many years, and it was amazing to learn how to draw on skins.

          When my son was born, I started to do baby clothing, and then we moved to Bali. I started to work for a French garment factory, where I learnt production stylist and quality control, which was a very good school for me. Then my daughter was born, and I felt the urge to create my own brand.


How was Lulu Yasmine created?

          When I started the brand, I was working on a small room with just one machine and an employee, with my baby girl playing around! The brand gradually grown, and now I have over 60 employees; most of them have been there since the beginning, for more than ten years. I want to keep the brand exclusive; Lulu Yasmine is not a mass production! All of our clothes are handmade, and some of them can take over ten days to be completed! 


What is the origin of the name « Lulu Yasmine »?

           Lu has been my nickname, and it is also my dad’s name. I found that Lulu was very cute and funny for a brand. And to celebrate one of the best things I ever done, I added the name of my daughter, Yasmine, my daily inspiration.


What led you to become a creative director?

           I like the idea that you can express yourself through something that makes women feel confident and beautiful. And also to do what I actually love!


Where do you get your inspiration from?

           I am inspired by every kind of women; from iconic divas from Hollywood movies, to local women I meet in small villages during my trips around the world.
Inspiration is everywhere and in everything.


According to you, what makes a woman beautiful? 

           Her personality, simplicity, and elegance!